Here’s a list of exotic foods from the Philippines. Bizarre it may seem but these long list of foods are eaten in the Philippines and I am sure from anywhere else in the world. Want to try some?

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Cat Adobo

Do you know that even cats are eaten by people in the Philippines? They cook it in adobo style, sautéed with garlic, onion and laurel leaf seasoned with soy sauce and vinegar. This is a favorite appetizer during their drinking spree.

Fried Rat

Rats from the rice paddies are also eaten. They would skin them, cut the head, the tail, and the legs then all internal organs are removed. Actually these rodents are clean because they only feed on rice. Cooking is done the adobo way deep fried. It can also be roasted like chicken.

Raw Young Mudfish

These are eaten raw spiced up with vinegar or citrus juice, pepper, and salt.

Frog Adobo

Frogs can be cooked in adobo style or deep fried. It’s tastier than chicken. There are also some people in the Philippines that eat legs of bullfrogs cooked in the same manner.

Snake Adobo

This is cooked in adobo style. Snake is commonly eaten in Asia because of its medicinal value. It’s also a good aphrodisiac.

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