The so-called “Tree of Life” provides us lots of things like handicraft products, medicine, lumber, wine, foods and many others. Here are some foods from coconut.

his summer when you visit the Philippines or other countries in the tropical region – the only place where you can find coconut trees – try our native foods made from coconut.

Here’s a list of native Filipino foods made or cooked from coconut.

1.     Lumpiang Sariwa: Fresh Heart-of-Palm Spring Rolls

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One of my favorites is lumpiang sariwa because it really tastes good. Its primary ingredient is the apical buds of coconut known as “palm-cabbage” or heart-of-palm. It is considered a rare delicacy, as the act of harvesting the bud kills the palm. Thus, fresh heart-of-palm salad is sometimes called “millionaire’s salad.”

2.     Buko Salad: Shredded Young Coconut Meat

Buko salad is another personal favorite of mine and one of the most favorite desserts in the Philippines. Ingredients of this include shredded young coconut meat, fruit cocktail, pineapple tidbits, condensed milk, all purpose cream, and nata de coco (optional). Just mixed them altogether and then chill.

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