What does it takes to be considered a hero?

What does it takes to be considered a hero? According to many, a hero is a person who is remembered and honored for his courageous life and deeds. A person distinguished for valor, fortitude or bold enterprise or anyone regarded as having displayed great courage or exceptionally noble qualities.

Most heroes we knew were dead. We have learned about them in schools. Tributes, monuments, statues, busts, memorials, paper bills, coinages, name of streets, towns, states, institutions, buildings and many others are constant reminders for us for their heroic deeds.

Most of the heroes we knew were leaders during times of wars, leaders who fought for independence (like George Washington, Simon Bolivar, etc.), there were only a few who didn’t actually engaged in battles (like Jose Rizal, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.), leaders who succeeded (if they failed they would had been declared bandits not heroes) in overthrowing a corrupt regime and many others.

Have you ever heard of an ordinary soldier who died fighting for his mother land or an ordinary citizen who did a courageous act declared as a hero? Maybe, for a day or two, after that they are totally forgotten. Did they put up a single monument for them? These unsung heroes who actually fought and died face to face with the enemies were easily forgotten. On the contrary, recognitions, tributes and venerations for leaders whom they declared heroes are never ending.

Now that we are at peace, (except in some places), how can one person be a hero? Aside from those who are working and sacrificing in foreign lands for the welfare of their families, for me, modern-day heroes are the likes of Aris, Rona, Chrisanta and Maria Fe. Who are these people? They are just ordinary people with nothing but unconditional love. I was so touched by their individual story that’s why I wanted to share it to everybody. Here are their brief heroic deeds that are worth remembering and emulating;

Aris Espinosa

On January 30, 1994, Aris Espinosa, a 13-year-old boy from Lanao del Norte, Philippines, did something for his friends. A grenade on the ground was about to explode near the children, Aris quickly jumped and covered the grenade with his own body. The children were saved by the courageous and unselfish act of Aris. I am sure that his soul rest in peace with the Lord in Heaven.

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