Bananas are very popular in the Philippines, especially if eaten in one of these ways.

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1.     Fried Banana

This banana fritter or locally called “banana cue” because you can usually buy it in a stick. These are cooked by deep frying it with caramelized brown sugar.

2.     Turon (Banana Roll)

A banana is usually sliced lengthwise into two, rolled in a sugar then wrapped with lumpia wrapper and then deep fried. Sometimes they add jackfruit to make it smells and tastes yummier. It is one of the favorite snacks of Filipinos.

3.     Banana Con Yelo (Banana With Ice)

One of the best-sellers during summer, it is prepared by cooking/boiling it on a caramelized brown sugar until it is sweetened, and then they add crushed ice, and poured with evaporated milk in a bowl.
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