Native wines produced in the Philippines are all 100% chemical-free because they are all produce in a natural process.

If one day you happen to pay visit in the Philippines, this article will be of help to you especially if you are a native liquor or wine drinker or collector.

Usually if we visit a certain place, we tend to get familiarize first with the kind of foods offered to us. Aside from the foods, the next thing that we get familiar with is the drinks. Food and drinks always go hand in hand.

The following are list of wines locally manufactured in the Philippines. These are 100% chemical-free because they are all produce in natural methods.

“Tapoy” or Rice Wine of Mountain Provinces

Tapoy is similar to the rice wine of Japan called sake. This kind of wine is widely produce in the provinces of Cordilleras, specifically by the Ifugaos, the builder of the world -famous Rice Terraces, by the Igorots, and other ethnic tribes in the Mountain Provinces.

This kind of wine is basically made by soaking raw glutinous rice in hot water for I hour. Drain and steam for 25 minutes and then spread in a tray to let it cool for 2 hours.

The yeast and rice is then combined by hand until blended (as you can see in the picture). The mixture is then transferred in a container covered tightly with a lid and stored in a dry place and allow to ferment for 1 month. Separate the liquid from the remaining rice mixture. The liquid is tapoy or rice wine and the residual is rice mash.

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