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E2=Educational & Entertainment Hub: The Philippines’ Tallest Buildings of Tomorrow

E2=Educational & Entertainment Hub: The Philippines’ Tallest Buildings of Tomorrow.

See the tallest buildings in the Philippines in the future.


Well-Preserved Heritage /Old Houses in the Philippines

Well-Preserved Heritage /Old Houses in the Philippines.

Palaces in the Philippines

Palaces in the Philippines.

Famous and Historic Cathedrals in the Philippines

The Philippines, as a Christian nation, is divided into archdioceses. Each archdiocese is divided into dioceses. Each diocese is divided into parishes.

An archdiocese is headed by an archbishop, a diocese by a bishop and a parish by a priest. Here are some of the most notable and famous cathedrals in the Philippines.

1.) Jaro Cathedral

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The beautiful and classic Jaro Cathedral is a popular cathedral in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Jaro. This cathedral is located in Jaro, Iloilo City in Iloilo province. It is officially known as the Parish of Our Lady of Candles,  a cathedral especially dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is located in the island of Panay where Boracay is located.

The statue of Virgin Mary, reportedly miraculous statue, was canonically crowned by the late Pope John Paul II in 1982 and the image is the only religious icon in the Philippines to have been personally crowned by a Pope.

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Architecturally Unique Churches in the Philippines

In the Philippines (the only Christian country in Asia)  there are many churches in the entire archipelago, except in areas where the prevailing religion is Islam.

Basilica Minore de San Sebastian: The Only All-Steel Church in Asia

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One of the most unique churches in the Philippines is the Basilica Minore de San Sebastian or better known as San Sebastian Church. This church which was built in 1891 is located in Manila and is the seat of the Parish of San Sebastian and the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. This church is remarkable for its architectural features. This Christian house of worship is the “only all-steel” church or basilica in Asia. This National Historical Landmark is also considered to be the first prefabricated building in the world and the only prefabricated steel church in the world.
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Famous and Historic Shrines and Monuments in the Philippines

The Philippines is culturally and historically rich country. Here are some historic shrines and monuments from across the archipelago which serves as reminders of the rich culture and history of the country.

Rizal Park

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Rizal Park is situated in the heart of the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, overlooking Manila Bay. Luneta has been the site of some of the most significant moments in Philippine history. Among them is the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal on December 30, 1896, whose martyred death made him a hero of the Philippine Revolution. It was officially renamed Rizal Park in tribute to him; the Declaration of Philippine Independence from American rule on June 4, 1946; and the political rallies of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino in 1986. The monument also serves as the point of origin or Kilometer Zero to all other cities in the Philippines.

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Famous Historical Churches in the Philippines

Being the only Christian country in Asia, it is but natural that there are famous and historical churches in the Philippines. Check this out!

The lists of churches included below were famous and historical either due to religious reasons or political reasons.

Quiapo Church

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The Quiapo Church in Manila is probably the most popular church in the Philippine archipelago. This church is officially known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene.

This religious edifice houses the Black Nazarene; a much venerated statue of Jesus Christ which many people believe has miraculous attributes.

The Feast of the Black Nazarene is regarded as one of the most spectacular religious events that take place in the Philippine history. Every 9th of January, thousands of devotees from all walks of life come to the district of Quiapo to take part in the procession as a way of strengthening their faith or fulfilling their vow to Lord.

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