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Chicken: A Miracle Food?

Let’s find out why chicken is considered as a miracle food and exotic food as well in the Philippines.

Within a period of 45 days, chicken are already full grown and ready for consumption. In the Philippines, it is the one of the most important sources of foods aside from fishes. Literally speaking, it is considered as a miracle food because almost all part of the chicken is eaten in the Philippines. Nothing is wasted except the feathers, the beak and nails. You will also notice on this article that Filipinos are very fond of barbecue.

Proben or chicken proventiculus barbecue or deep fried

Proventiculus is the internal organ of the chicken that connects the gizzard and the crop. It can be barbecued or coated w/ flour and seasoning before frying.

IUD or Isaw – Chicken intestine barbecue

It was named IUD because it looks like the contraceptive material used by women in order not to get pregnant. These are boiled and seasoned before grilled.

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Popular Culinary Uses of Rice in the Philippines

The Philippines is basically an agricultural country. One of its major agricultural products is rice. Rice is the staple food of Filipinos and other Asians. Just like cassava, camote and banana, rice can also be cooked or prepared as a food in many ways. Here are some them. Ordinary rice and glutinous rice are the kind of rice used in this particular article.

Rice Coffee

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If you love coffee but you’re not allowed to drink because of its caffeine, then rice coffee is the best alternative, it has no side effect at all. It’s so easy to prepare, put a cup of rice in a hot pan and toast it until dark brown. Put the toasted rice in the kettle, add about 6 cups of water and

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