A dozen of mouthwatering tropical fruits that are rich sources of vitamin C and ascorbic acids and will provide you other health benefits as well.

As we all know, vitamins C and ascorbic acid are very important to our health. They help our body fight diseases; these fruits keep our skin beautiful, our teeth stronger, and many other health benefits.

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Some of these exotic fruits from the Philippines (and other tropical areas) are now becoming rare, so when you see them in the market – don’t think twice to buy these fruits because you may never have the chance to see and taste them again. After all, these fruits are very rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid.

Yantok is a fruit that is not as popular as mangoes and bananas. This exotic fruit is from a vine locally called “yantok” (a variety of rattan) found in jungle forest areas but it is now actually raised in small plantations for commercial sale. It is one of the sourest fruits in the world. You will not like the acidic taste of yantok the first time you taste it, but one thing is sure, you’ll crave for its unusual taste later. These fruits are available in the market from August to October.

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