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Only in the Philippines: Endemic and Rare Animals

The Philippines is truly a wonderful country. It is blessed with beautifully unique plants and animals. Here are some unique faunas considered native to the Philippines. Check this out!

Visayan Warty Pig (Sus cebifrons)

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How I wish these two cute piglets remain forever young. They simply look adorable and attractive with their striped bodies.

Look at the animal’s transformation. It looks like a devil when full grown. This one-of- its-kind pig is critically endangered and the leading factors include; threatened by habitat loss, food shortages and hunting.

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Best Island Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

A list of popular island tourist attractions in the island paradise of the Philippines.

1. Bohol, Philippines

Bohol’s Popular Tourist Attractions

Chocolate Hills

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This is the most famous tourists attraction in Bohol consisting of 1,268 haycock hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters, the Chocolate Hils is a wonder of nature. The Hills are considered as a Philippine National Geological Monument. During the summer, the dome-shaped, grass-covered limestone hills dry up and turn brown transforming the areas into rows and rows of chocolate “kisses”.

Diving Sites

Bohol is surrounded by a large number of coral reefs, which are very rich in life, and a delight to observe, and a prime tourist attraction. Bohol is blessed with white-sand beaches and serene dive spots. Panglao Island has a number of beach resorts for sun lovers where various watersports are available. Near Panglao are the island of Balicasag and Pamilacan. Balicasag is considered as one of the best dive spots in the country. The waters of Pamilacan are brimming with schools of tuna, snappers, groupers, mackerel and surgeonfish. Dolphins and pilot whales can also be viewed from a distance.

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