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Top Six Most Popular Caves in the Philippines

Excavating these caves will surely give you a thrill.

Aside from beautiful white sand beaches and scenic diving spots, the Philippines is also endowed with wonderful caves. There are hundreds of caves in the Philippines. Peñablanca, Cagayan alone has already around 300 caves.

Spelunkers and non-spelunkers, here’s a list of the most famous caves in the country that can give you thrill and excitement. You will surely love and enjoy them.

Callao Caves in Cagayan

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On the Sixth slot is Callao Caves. Located within the Peñablanca Protected Landscape.The seven-chambered Callao Caves boast of massive limestone and other rock formations, skylights, and a chapel. The conditions inside the cave cause stalactites and stalagmites, particularly in the deeper chambers. Every chamber has natural crevices, which let light get into the cave, serving as illumination for the otherwise dark areas of the place.
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Spectacular Caves in the Philippines

Enjoy the scattered beauties and wonders of the Philippines not only on land, under the sea but also underground. Explore these amazing underground wonders of the country from the north down to the south.

1. Sumaging Cave: Sagada, Mountain Province

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Sumaging Cave is probably one of the most popular caves in Sagada. Aptly nicknamed as the Big Cave , was created by water erosion. Sumaging is a cave of impressive size, which may be visited on organized spelunking tours. When you plan to visit the place, get a guide at the Sagada Municipal Building because no one is allowed to go to the cave without a guide and without registration. There are numerous fine formations like King’s Curtain, Rice Granary, or Cauliflower. A huge hall is called the Dancing Hall. But there is also a crawl called the Tunnel. The tour includes some water passages, which is rather harmless as the temperature in Philippine caves is rather high.

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San Jose City: Brief History and Places of Interest | Trifter

San Jose City: Brief History and Places of Interest | Trifter.

San Jose City is popularly known as the “Onion Capital of the Philippines”. Let’s learn about this beautiful city and find out some of its most interesting features.

San Jose City is located in the Province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It is situated 160 km north of Manila, the country’s capital. That is about 4 hours drive. It is the northernmost city of the province and part of the “Central Plains” of Luzon with a population of more than 122,000 people.

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Brief History

San Jose City is formerly known as “Kabaritan”. The name is derived from the word “barit”, a kind of plant which grew abundantly in the place. Kabaritan means ‘a place where barit is abundant’. The first people who inhabited the place were the Negritos. The city was established as a full pledge municipality in 1894 and became a city in 1969.

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